Difference between Print Width and Layout Print Width

Hi all,

I have a question regarding line print widths, specifically the difference between a certain layer’s “Print Width” and “Layout Print Width”. See here.

I initially thought that if I print from model space (top view) using a “window” from “view and output scale” area, that “Print Width” will take the precedence and the drawing will print out in that certain thickness. In my example, I set the “Print Width” to be 0.12

On the other hand, if I print from Layout window using a pre-created layout from “view and output scale” area, I thought that “Layout Print Width” will take the precedence over original “Print Width”, so I set this to 2.

However, in both cases, my printed PDF had the same thickness of 0.12.
I left the scaling in both cases to be the same, didn’t change any other options.
I’m using Adobe PDF to print out all of this.

Could you advise if I’m doing something wrong here or am I missing something?


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… I also like to have some clarification here … I thought layout print width would kind of override the print width when using a layout… but I cannot get it to work that way…