Print Width

1> Setting print width(PW) to 0.13 mm in a line in different templates (large millimeters and large meters) will give different line widths in the hardcopy/drawing/print-out or they are the same in the print-out?
2>What is the function of line width scale? I changed the scale factor from 1.0 to 0.001 but it does not seem to make any difference, the line width after the print is the same. There seems to have no different print width.

3> Similar to case 2; i do not get any difference between PW 0.13mm and PW 0.0013. Is it because the difference is neglegible when i scaled it to 0.001 factor?

Maybe double check this by testing with more extreme differences in line weights ???

I also wonder about the scale 1in. = 25.4mm… I don’t see how a site plan can scale down to paper size with a 1:1 ratio… but then I’ve had a long day, so maybe I’ll understand this a little bit better later on.