Diferent colors with render Brazil

When the process of rendering the files starts, the color changes, additionally, if the file is saved, it saves it in the wrong color, but in another computer the same file works normally.
The following procedures have been carried out:

  • Update of both video and monitor drivers
  • Reinstallation of software Brazil
  • Cleaning hardware and software equipment
  • Tests with and without a video card
    After all the above, the problem persists.

Attached image of the problem presented

Is this with Rhino 4? And what Brazil version?

The software is RHINO 4 BRAZIL 2

Not sure why you are getting inverted colors. Have you tried with the latest Rhino and Brazil (eval versions should work) to see if the problem has already been fixed?

Reinstall the latest version (evaluation) and it worked normally, then uninstall everything related to RHINO and BRAZIL. Perform a complete cleaning of the equipment (records and temporary) and install all the software again.