Rhino colours are not in the right way in viewcapturetofile

Hi. Can someone please help me? I made in rhino a material with colour and when i create a viewcaptureto file the colours are not like they should be?

We need a little more information here. What view mode are you doing the viewcapture in? What renderer are you using? What do you mean by “not like they should be?” Pictures and/or a file would be helpful.

Im in renderd mode. The colours should be like for example green the RGB: 0,255,0 and the colours are like this. You can see in the picture.

Here is my file maybe you can find out whats wrong. Its not the gamma value thats correctly. And the sun is also out.

Hi Jasmin -

I’m confused. Your title and first post are about ViewCaptureToFile but I don’t see a difference between the pictures that you have posted. One is a viewport and the others captures?

If the color in the viewport is what you are wondering about, perhaps it’s the background that you should take a look at? When turning the view in a perspective viewport, you will clearly see the effect of that background on your surfaces:


Hi Jasmin - if you do not want the colors to be affected by lighting (?) make sure self-illumination is set in the material



unfortunately does not work either :frowning:

In the first picture you can see the viewcapturetofile from my file. In the picture with the name “rhino fail 2” you can see how the colours should be. The settings are all like they should be.

Do you know a solution how i can change this problem? :))

I’m not sure we’re clear yet on what the problem is? You’re not showing us the result of viewcapturetofile. I don’t get any difference between the viewport and the caputre.

You want the colors to have no shading regardless of lighting? No it looks like you want them to have shadows? The colors are going to look different from different angles unless you set them to self-illumination AND set the “emission color” to your diffuse color. But then you’ll have no shadows. You seem to have the reflectivity turned up to 100% on some of your materials, that doesn’t seem like what you want if you want things to NOT look different depending on view angles.

Another example. The pic is how the colours should be. Here you can see especially the green very well that it does not fit. In my viewcapturetofile the colours are like the second one. Maybe know you understand my problem.

Your green material has reflectivity set to 100%, so it’s going to (as crudely as environment mapping can do) take on the color of the background, so you want to set that to 0 to make it a dull consistent color, but of course if you still want it to capture shadows it’s going to be…shaded!

But again, your original claim is that there is a difference between the viewport and viewcapturetofile, we don’t see anything of the sort, your problem seems to be how things look different at different angles, that’s just…how lighting things works.

Hey I saw this topic and I have to include some things since I can’t figure out where the problem is …
Here is a capture of my screen in Rhino where I adjusted the colors for this image. I use _viewcapturetofile to save it and get a kind of weird result.
First Problem -
I used Curve Piping on the red dashed line in the background with self illuminated red material to get the line to be red, and it just doesn’t want to export it as red. Idk why but it always gets darker…
Second Problem -
In the exported image there is something like an outline around the self illuminated buildings, that I really don’t need. I don’t see it in the viewport, but it gets exported with _viewcapturetofile.
Third Problem -
Curve Piping the red line results in some weird copy of the line in the exported image with view capture to file. I don’t see the copied line inside rhino

I hope this is not a but, and has some quick fix!
Thanks in advance!

This is what the red color it’s supposed to be 255,0,0

Here is the picture of the grey outlines that I am struggeling to get rid of…