Brazil Render CMYK

A client of mine recently asked me if I could render a model in cmyk instead of rgb. I have no idea if this is possible with brazil. I also dont know what the difference would be. Can anyone clear things up? I am using rhino 5 and brazil on windows.

You would just convert it after the fact in Photoshop. The client would want to see CMYK because they intend to have it printed and a CMYK image gives you a closer approximation of what it will look when professionally offset print–the colors will look different. That’s about all I can say about the topic without writing pages and pages, it’s a big topic. Oh, in Rhino one thing you might do different is render with a lower gamma setting than 2.2, do 1.8 or so, again to get a render that’s going to better approximate how it will look on paper.

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