Diagrid lines not straight

I have a problem with my surface; since the surface lines are not straight, when using diagrid plugin, the diagrids are going in zigzag in the Z direction. Not optimal for putting floors on it. What can i do to rework my base surface ?

Tower 5.gh (501.4 KB)

Hi @Bilan_Gumus

And how should they go? 'Got a sketch?

Straight. Floors are flat, so the diagrid lines should be straight.

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Right - pardon my ignorance - but diagrids aren’t ‘flat’? 'Got a sketch of what you want? :slight_smile:

Your script has nothing in it by the way:

I posted the new one sorry. But you need to understand the question. Diagrids go in X, but the north and south nodes are going straight so you can put a floor on them. My surface does not allow me to make the diagrids straight. Can i change that ?

I made a picture; you can see the Contours representing the floors going straight. Those will never match the diagrids.

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You’ve said it! Furtheremore, some of your surfaces aren’t untrimmed. Whether it matters or not, they still have a shape/curvature.

Yes - but that wouldn’t necessarily be a quickie any more for a plug-and-chug diagrid plugin :thinking:

Well what do you suggest ? I’ll do the work but i need the idea.

Split your brep into floors? Note that they are not in correct sequence after the split, but that’s a common problem that can be sorted out.

Tower 5_2023Sep18a.gh (509.5 KB)

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I don’t really have a suggestion that wouldn’t require further thinking/cleanup or simply get help from someone who know smore (just wait :wink: )

Maybe you could explore a projection of the diagrid, but the obvious thing is how it’ll distort across the crazy curvatures:

See what I mean? :wink:


Plus if you regenerate the surfaces as ‘nice’ untrimmed surfaces you’ll still face a problem where their edges don’t match up, on top of the old problem of edges not being straight relative to your floors

Added purple group to get brep fragments by floor:

Tower 5_2023Sep18b.gh (513.4 KB)

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OK thank you. But i don’t understand why it is that difficult since architects will always need straight diagrids. It is hard to design something from structure to form. I began from form and it should be easy to go to structure, but those damn surfaces !

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By the way, I don’t have LunchBox so ignored the “diagrid” part (whatever that is?).


Your “form” is very complex! I see no reason this should be easy.


Because we/us architects don’t know how to make anything - except for maybe Gaudi and Buckminster Fuller :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Perhaps instead of using the lunchbox plug-in, which will ask for a surface, contour the whole thing (or the split breps from Joseph) ‘diagrid’ style?

The screenshot shows an example direction for the contour, then mirrored, not necessarily the ‘straight’ diamonds from lunchbox, but you can define said direction to get the aspect you want?

I found a way, i did contour, divided the curve, then connected every point with Relative Items and Shift list to make them go diagonally. Problem; the first Point is connecting also diagonally to the last Point. You can see the arrows on the picture of the lines i want to remove. Basically you can see a facade and behind the facade. Remove the lines behind the facade, any idea how to do that ?

Tower 5 diagrid.gh (62.7 KB)

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I found a way to cull the undesired curves.
Now only question, i can’t remove them ? How to remove Cull Patterns ?

Tower 5 diagrid.gh (65.3 KB)

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