Meshing surface: triangular diagrid

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to create a diagrid using a surface, however I’ve been struggling to obtain the result I want.

This is what I’m trying to create:

I started with the surface and used Divide domain and deconstruct Brep however this is what I get when I used either a combination of List items or Cull Pattern:

As you can see I’m missing the elements on the red dashed lines.

I tried to use the Faces of DeconstructBrep instead of points, but I need to get straight lines and not curves, and they need to meet at each node, while in my GH they don’t.

Diagrid.pdf (346.4 KB)

I exported the model and my GH:
Export.3dm (81.6 KB) (19.0 KB)

Any help would be very appreciated!

I looked at several tutorials online but they all achieve diamond-shaped diagrid, while I’m trying to get a fully triangular mesh.


If you use the Lunchbox plugin’s Triangle Panels B, the result is the same as shown in the attached screengrab.

Hi HS_Kim, that looks promising I’ll install Lunchbox and test it!

Is there a way I could group the segments?
(say diagonals, verticals, etc) (25.1 KB)

That’s fantastic, thanks a lot HS_Kim.

For some reason branches 1 and 4 are very similar but include either the first or last vertical segments.
I’ve combined the two branches using Trim tree and then removing the duplicate lines.
I’m still getting familiar with data trees so there might be a more clever way of doing this.