Grids Direction

I Recently Installed Paneling Tool Plugin and While I Was Trying to Create Panels on My Surfaces I Found Out That Some of the Surfaces Doesn’t Match the World UV Directions and Created Points Doesn’t Look Good. I Tried different Ways To Create the Surface and Even Rebuilding but Problem Is Still There.
I’m Thinking the Non-Vertical Surface Is Causing This.
Any Solutions?

Thanks In Advance
Screenshot (345)|690x388

Can you share the actual model and the desired outcome?

Actually I found a solution for it.
Thanks For the time.

Great. Can you share the solutions for others who might encounter similar problem?

At first the surfaces were created with PlanarSrf using 3 curves.
Lofting those curves didn’t solve the problem but using 3Point Surface gave me the correct direction but I just had to test different orders for choosing the points. I had tested the 3Point Surface before but I was choosing the wrong order for points.
It takes time but it seems to be the only way.