Detail needs rotation

Often when we work with real north as “up” like here:

we end up having to rotate a copy of the drawing for details like this:

So obviously we need the ability to rotate a detail in layout.

Hi Jørgen,
TiltView should do what you need.

gr, Tobias

Hello @Holo,
Do the solutions on this post help at all?
Regards Michael.VS

Hi Tobias.
Yes, Tiltview with an accurate Angle does the job as a workaround/hack.
But it is tedious getting it right and far from obvious so I hope McNeel adds a propper option for this.
The detail should have a “tilt view” option/setting too.

Hi Holo,

I asked the same question a little while ago - WISH - Rotate Details

The Ctrl-Alt Arrow Key seems to work better for me than TiltView since I can set the degrees for the camera

I agree a more obvious command that allows you to rotate a view is ideal


Why not set your CPlane the way you want your detail oriented (in detail, obviously) and SetView CPlane Top?.. That’s what I use.

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I agree that there are many ways to Rome, but these are “hacks” that has to be remembered and not well integrated and intuitive solutions, or do you disagree?

I mostly agree. But it sounds like a daunting task.

What are you gonna use as a guide to create your view on an object/structure/w/e that doesn’t have 90 degree corners anywhere? What if it doesn’t even have straight edges and you need to show a proper elevation that’s not NSWE?..

Sure it’s a hack, but a pretty elegant one.

I’d rather see a tool where you can line up your details & objects in them to each other without jumping through hoops before that.

Hi Holo, maybe sticking my nose where it shouldn’t but, seems like a logical thing would be to select a (circle, elipse, rectangle) as a way to pick a detail and acts as a snapshot. Then move that to the desired location. Of course you could increase its size after moving. Kind of like when you print something with a window, except movable and zoomable.
I haven’t used layouts much. By the way, nice work on what youv’e shown there. —Mark

Interactively tilting the Detail view with ALT-SHIFT-RMB is not really useful, because mostly viewport rotation should be precisely aligned to the drawing, right?
So, TiltView should have an option to rotate in the same way as the normal ‘rotate’ command - by clicking a center, then a start and end angle.
ArchiCAD has this (called ‘Rotate Orientation’).