Design of shark skin in grasshopper

Hello everybody,

I struggle to design a shark skin (see image). But I’m a little bit confused and don’t know how I can define this structure in grasshopper. I couldn’t find any tutorial or same structure design in internet. If you have any idea, I would be really pleasure.

Thank you in advance!
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sharp skin.3dm (1.0 MB)
sharp (293.2 KB)

Looks like you could use some lofted geometry, and array it along a surface with the ‘orient’ node. A little random scaling based on curvature would probably work well.

If you see the my .gh file, I understood, how I can change skin geometry of a pipe. But I have a problem to define this kind of geometry mathematically. It should also be manufacturable with slm machine :slight_smile:

How can I use lofted geometries? Can you open a little bit, what you mean?

Thank you.

This isn’t going to win any surfacing awards - I probably should have started again with SubD but anyway…

Heres a very quick proof of concept for the shark fin soup- you could improve it with some scaling of the fins (maybe based on curvature).

I had a look at your script, I could not see what you were trying to achive. Anyway, script attached;
Shark Fin (24.5 KB)


Here’s another much simpler approach using Patt’s curves as the basis for an individual shark fin scale.

Shark Fin (18.1 KB)
This script produces a bunch of closed Breps arranged at the centers of a planar hex grid.

Version2 would offset each center point a small amount in a random direction, and then scale each scale a small random amount at that point. Finally, map the array onto the desired shape. I wonder how it would look on a boomer hull.


Thank you for your all reply. They helped me a lot:)