I need help making a lamella/honeycomb structure. Thanks!

I was trying to avoid Grasshopper because it needs to be 3D printed and I can’t find a suitable GH file. So far, I am attempting

  1. Create a curving surface
  2. Intersect the surface with the main shape
  3. Extrude and offset the intersection curve into a poly surface
  4. ArrayCurve around 150 times.
    I think Grasshopper may be better.
    (The sample was the attempt… but it came out horribly)

Sample.3dm (15.1 MB)
JustTheShapes.3dm (2.5 MB)

Are you looking for someone already solving your task? You know that the chances of that are pretty slim, right?

My suggestion is:
you start grasshopper place a curve container select your curves into it and prepare for the journey of your life :slight_smile: as GH is limitless.