The way of building a surface

Hello everybody.

I have a set of curves that are supposed to build a semi-hull surface. But the problem is i really don’t know how to form a finely fit surface with these curves. I got the best result with Patch command, but even that one has some inaccuracies. I will share some pitcures showing the problems with Patch command, Rhinoceros file and the Grasshopper file.

I have simplified the code and just shared the curve set with you, which are hidden in Rhinoceros file. Any way of getting the best surface will be appreciated.

Gh Surface (3.5 KB)
Gh forum surface quest.3dm (167.6 KB)

How’s this:

I had to Google a method for splitting the keel curve so I could make the bottom Loft surface. The final result looks like this:

This results in some peculiar looking (to me at least) geometry around the nose, but hopefully yo’ll be able to figure out what to do about this.
Gh Surface (10.9 KB)

PS: I hope you know why it’s called a Loft surface.

maybe you read this first.