Reduce double curvature in gridshell structure for cnc manufacturing

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Very much a beginner here in Rhino and Grasshopper…

I have a grid generated with RhinoVault, that I want to offset to create fins in order to get sizes for flat panels that will be manufactured on a cnc router. At the moment I am getting a lot of double curvature in some areas, which will make it difficult working with rigid materials such as plywood.

I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion how to go around this problem by adjusting some of the fins without changing the overall structure too much? I tried a few things with Grasshopper and Kangaroo, but did not really get anywhere, so any kind of direction would be highly appreciated.

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This is a new plugin that looks helpful for this situation, w/ example files. (16.5 KB)

Here’s something that will make the beams planar.

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You sir are an absolute life saver! Thanks so much!

Thanks, looks promising!

Out of interest… How do you create those gifs?