Dendro - Dynamically driven variable radius lattice

Had a student reach out to me about this and thought I would share the definition.

This is for generating lattice structures with variable radius struts that are driven by multiple input points. This would be useful if you are looking to control the mechanical properties of a lattice by increasing the diameter of the struts in specific areas.
ex: If you wanted a 3D printed shoe mid-sole design to be made up of a lattice that had increased compression resistance under the ball of the foot and heel.

The definition can handle multiple inputs added as points to effect the lattice. The maximum area of influence and falloff behavior is of your min/max values can also be defined.

Right now the strut size, area of influence and falloff are global variables so I may go back around and rework the logic to link these settings to the individual driver points at a later date. (106.9 KB)


Simplified version of above except with strut radius driven from a single plane instead of multiple points using Dendro. (84.6 KB)


Individual strut variance (77.0 KB)


I did something :slight_smile:

I was familiar with dendro, but I’ve never realized that I can merge a lattice with pufferfish twisted box components… It works with curves also! Not only with meshes!

Here’s the file: (123.7 KB)
Caution: the compute time significately increased.

Works fine with multipipe componente also.

Changes and improvements are welcome!

Take care!

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