Volume to curve, according to point(s) on it


Is there a way to control the curve radius of Dendro´s Curve To Volume component in a way that it would be bigger, say, in the end and beginning of the curve(s) than in the middle? I tried with the Point On Curve but failed to understand how to make that output useful for the Curve To Volume´s Radius input.

If I shatter the curve and treat it as several curves the result is stepped.

Any pointers appreciated!


You are on the right track with using the Points to Volume component then assigning individual radii to each input point. You just want to make sure you have same number of radii values as your number of points (ex: if you have 10 input points you need 10 radii values).

When you downloaded Dendro there should have been a set of included example files in the zip. You can check the “dendro_lattice.gh” file in the Examples folder.

I have also posted some other more complex files for driving lattices:

Graet, I see the dendro_lattice.gh has exactly what I need.

Thank you!