Turn multiple points on a gyroid surface into a graded density volume


I was able to plot a bunch of points on the surface of a gyroid. I am using the Dendro plugin to turn these points into a volume. One may ask why I made a gyroid surface, and then turned it into points and then into a volume. The reason is because I want to achieve a graded density over the length of the gyroid. I thought this would be easier using points, instead of a whole surface.

I can’t figure out how to assign different sizes to sections of points (each base cell dimension) in order to create a graded density (gradually increasing thickness) when I convert it into a volume.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, or even a point in the right direction. Below are pictures to visualize what I am talking about, as well as the process in Grasshopper for reference.

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You can provide a list of Radius in Dendro
So just select radius depending on a position
You can fast populate a mesh using this script, it is not wonderful but it does the job

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If the aim is just a variable thickness to the surfce, I think an easier way would be to use the offset and thicken functions in Weaverbird.


For sure it will be better. And also quadremesh of rhino wip could be used to have a nice mesh.

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I posted a definition a while back that can assign create variable radii volumes from driver points for Dendro. With a slight modification you can change it to be planar driven as well.
Hope that helps:

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Thank you Laurent, I will have to try this !

Thank you Charlie, I will have to figure out how to make the planar driven modification. I appreciate the suggestion!