Volume generation from curve with Dendro

Hi everyone, I am facing this problem.
Is it possible to reconstruct a mesh with the curve to volume function of dendro, obtaining a cellular structure? I tried but it can only generate a small portion of the surface.
Thank you
Cattura Cattura1

there are many examples on this forum. I encourage you to search with Dendro Keyword. There are many scripts available, I have done some
But for sure there are some tricks.
Never provide non flattened data to Dendro! If there are branches there will a volume per branch.
Take care of the voxel size = radius / (value > 2)
I encourage you not to use sliders on the settings. For low number of calculation it is OK but could lead to lag for high number of points.
I also no more use the curve component (there are some others trick to use it) and I prefer to divide all curve to points (distance << radius)

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Thank you for the tip, it helped me a lot.
I managed to get a structure, as shown in the figure. For the reconstruction of the base below and above the structure, do you recommend using a solid surface, like the example in the figure? Cattura_12 image Cattura_23.PNG

I have no idea, it surely depends what you want to do and which printer you will use.