RiR started with an error

The initialization of Rhino inside Revit started with this error.

Although afterwards, it launched.
The only thing I noticed wasn’t working were the hotkeys for Grasshopper.

Sounds like an incorrect/incomplete install of Rhino WIP. Do you get that error also with just normally starting Rhino WIP?

I also got this error after installing the latest WIP build this morning

edit: only happened for RIR, not standalone Rhino WIP

Yup, same here.

It means that in RiR you won’t be able to use Raytraced or Rhino Render. It shouldn’t further impact the working of RiR.

This used to work fine the past couple months otherwise?

Oh no, I hope it can get fixed somehow…

I rolled back to 12.12.19 build. Shortcuts seem to work fine in the Grasshopper and partially in Rhino (Delete key is not working as it was always). Couple last builds (and the newest also) has a problem with this key override which I mentioned here:

I did not perform any rendering in RiR yet but any limitations are not welcome! :-1:

@Czaja you are saying that build from December 19th, 2019 loads everything just fine? Maybe do a quick Raytraced or so to verify. Or just run RhinoCycles_ListDevices and see if the command works.

“Unable to load DLL ‘ccycles’: The specified procedure could not be found”

adding the text for the error message into the thread so that it is searchable by the text

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The Rhino Cycles render engine has been recently updated in Rhino WIP. We are looking at resolving the load error in Rhino.Inside.Revit.

Hi Ehsan, I have been installing the latest rhino wip and rhino inside today and I get the same error. with revit 2019. Any updates on the fix? Many thanks

No fix as of yet. Just skip the dialog and Rhino should load normally except for Cycles plugin. We’ll update you when the conflict is resolved.

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This will be fixed on the next Rhino WIP release.

Today’s Rhino 7 WIP fixes this problem.

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