Can't delete GH canvas components on Rhino.Inside Revit

I am not able to delete any GH canvas component while using it inside Revit (Rhino.Inside - WIP). Whenever I do it, GH goes on the background and Revit pops-up.

This applies to any component at all. I have tried FN+Delete and any suggestions I have found online, without success.

Help anyone?


no solution here, but I got a related bug.
The delete key (not Backspace) is not working in Rhino.
Typing the “delete” command does work.


Since I updated last week and right now again I have the same issue in Revit 2019. I cannot delete, Copy/Paste, Alt-Drag-Copy in Rhino.inside and GH!

Is there any solution?

I just realized, when I start a command like duplicate edge in Rhino , keys work in GH…


This works in Revit 2017, 2018, and 2020, but is a problem in 2019.0.
I recently update my Revit 2019.0 to 2019.2.2 and seems is now fixed.

Here you can see the Updates history of Revit 2019, and here what is new in 2019.2.2

I am using Revit 2020.2 and I have same issue. Can not delete GH components.
I am trying to delete List.Item but unable to do so. I can from Edit.
Any help will be appreciated.


Hopefuly next Tuesday release will fix this.

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