Deformed surface paneling - lunchbox

Hi everyone,

I’m still a beginner with Rhino and Grasshopper and working on a parametric facade based on a triangular lunchbox panelling with sun shading panels. In the image below, you can see that I have two different facades, based on a loft surface, wherefore I am using the same script.

My problem is that the surface division is slightly deformed (for both surfaces); see the attached image. What i’m trying to achieve is that the panelling consists of straight horizontal lines and, if possible, also more linear diagonal lines. (see red lines)

I’ve already read a lot about surface devision on forums, but don’t have a clue on to apply this in this particular case.
So, is there an easy to fix this? Or should the script based on a different approach?

All suggestions and help are welcome, thanks!!

Facade final - NvS - online.3dm (263.2 KB)
facade script for project - (21.9 KB)

Hi Nick,
Can you clarify why you do not like the deformation? Is it because you would like to use standard shading module? Is it for aesthetic reasons?
That matters because your surfaces are not simple extrusions. You have variable height and there need to be a design decision about how to accommodate the panels towards the top edge. Tolerances and joints between your panels matters too.

Thanks for your reaction. I like the deformation that it creates, but it is more based on the technical elaboration of the facade. The building contains two other floor levels (with different programming) behind that particular facade. Therefore the connection between the aluminium framing with the structural floors is essential too. That’s why I wondered if it would be a more logical decision to have a more horizontal divided panelling. So would there be an easy work around for that with lunchbox panelling?

I’m not sure about lunchbox, but I might be able to put together an example using PanelingTools. Keep in mind if you straighten the lines along the structural floors, you might end up with bigger deformation towards the top, or chopped façade modules. Are you comfortable with either?