Deformed isohydric tensegrity using Kangaroo

I am trying to create a tensegrity structure where I can control the length of each compression members separately to create a non symmetrical form that is much similar to the icosahedral tensegrity structure having the same number of members of the icosahedral but a bit deformed in the length of each solid compression member, then i would add number of icosahedral together in one form, the result should be similar to the attached picture of Kurilpa Bridge and it is several deformed icosahedrals but they work together as one structure.

rectanguler prism


so far I have managed to create with the help of online resources a couple of trials:

  1. a simple tensegrity prism of triangle and a rectangle but I cant reach a similar result with this code cause it works only as a prism tensegrity
    basic rectanguler tensegrity (11.8 KB)

  2. also I found this plugin ( TIE (Tensegrity Integration Element) for Rhino | Food4Rhino ) that created the icosahedral but in a static way so I cant change any parameter (41.3 KB)

  3. I found this
    tensegrety out of (17.0 KB)
    on a forum here where they made a mesh with a specific number of subdivisions and attaching it to a reciprocal component making the members but i cant manage to get less number of members such as the icosahedral

so I would really appreciate the help creating this from
thanks in advance

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