Deformable solid body

Hi all, I’m new to Kangaroo.
Is it possible to simulate the deformation of a deformable solid ? I’d like to simulate an object fall into the ground. Is it possible to simulate the breaking of the body ?

Hi @fablabolbia,

There are some ways to simulate solids, collision with the ground and some types of breaking in Kangaroo.
It all really depends what it is and what you want to use the simulation for. You’ll need to give a bit more information.

Hi @DanielPiker !
I leave a glass/steel/gypsum solid cube fall from a certain height over a horizontal plane.
When the cube hits the ground in some part of the cube the maximum admissible stress will be reached. In these part the object will break.

I (ideally) would like to simulate this behaviour by letting disappear the portion of solid with non admissible stress.

Hope it’s enough infomation !
Thank you very much in advance !