Explosion simulation in grasshopper

Hi friends, i have a problem in simulating box collapse. I deconstructed mesh and used sphere collide for extracted vertices, then tried to construct mesh of vertices produced by bouncy solver.
Created mesh is not accurate because the points order has been messed up and even before ‘Bouncy solver’ running, mesh is not same with the first box. If needed i can send .gh file for better explanation. It will be plesure if you help me solve this issue. :pray::rose:
@DanielPiker @Mahdiyar I would be so appreciated if you guide me.
What i mean is exactly shown in this video.

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Do it!

collapse.gh (13.7 KB)

Here you are.

What i need is like breaking glass or collapsing building due to earthquake or any other similar event and i need to simulate collapsing with left over wreckage.

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As much as you can reconstruct the mesh after the simulation, you can also use the ‘show’ goal with kangaroo so you output the mesh:

Cool - not sure this is the most precise way to simulate it. An edifice collapsing is one thing, glass breaking is another - both happening together through kangaroo would be a bit more involved I am sure.

Meanwhile, with some minor tweaks to what you had, including the ‘show’ goal as mentioned above, you can get something like this:

collapse.gh (19.1 KB)

Maybe it’s okay for now?

I welded the mesh, but perhaps you intended to keep it unwelded for faces of the mesh box to break apart as things fall down? Not sure.

I suggest you edit your topic to include the ‘kangaroo’ tag just in case others have additional input based on your explanation(s).

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Thanks Rene, exactly i mean breaking apart :thinking:

Ok - makes sense - the approach needs to change a bit so that all mesh quads are connected (unwelded/disjoint) independent objects - still not precise I think but the wreckage appearance should look more convincing. Perhaps look into Kangaroo examples for falling/dropping/colliding rigid bodies, in this case the bodies represented by whichever mesh components (faces) you decide to specify.

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Good keywords,thank you. I will search

Collapse.gh (23.2 KB)


Thank you very much Mahdiyar, it’exactly what i need. Is there any way to restrict the debris to a boundary like a box? I mean the wrekage to be thrown down inside a box?can we do it or not?

For restricting debris collapsing through a box boundary, I tried to find collision with box which is presented as boolean, but parts movement from the bigging second until collision second isn’t displayed and after falling down, they move in a wide domain on floor which is not ok. I want to limit movement domain on the floor. Any idea is appreciated :pray::rose:

Collapse (1).gh (20.7 KB)

Collapse-02.gh (24.6 KB)


It’s great, thank you so much :rose::pray: