Grasshopper simulation

Hi, I need to find a solution to silmutale the transformation process that a porous elastic cube (just like the following fig) was flattened under the pressure from the top. And for more complex situation - some vertical elastic columns in the cube, I wish to silulatie the shape changing as well.
I have learnt that the kangaroo is an excellent plugin to do pyhics silulation, but not found any related video or instruction for my purpose.
So I come here for help. Thank u deeply if u could give me any advice.

If you want to take a complex solid volume and see how it deforms under load, you might want to look at

This doesn’t really seem like something where Kangaroo would be well suited.

Have you modelled the shape already? What do you want to use the simulation for?

Thanks a lot Piker. Yes, I have modelled a cube with Gyroid Minimal Surface (using Chromodoris in GH).