All Rhino commands should be sticky

No matter how many times I use Rhino Text command, default text height is 0.6, default font is Arial, and default alignment is left. This means that Text command is not sticky. I believe that all Rhino commands should be sticky and that one McNeel&Ass programmer can fix this nuisance in a week.

I assume this is Rhino 6.
In Rhino 6, Rhino Text gets its attributes from the active annotation style. If you want the change the default, you will have to make sure to set up your start-up template file accordingly.

Yes, Rhino 6.10.

Thanks - I did not know it.

The annotation style is a new feature, and it needs more work because if I override defaults of the current annotation style, SelAnnotationStyle command still selects text objects with different heights, alignments, etc.

Rhino documentation does not explain that Options command is the only way to change the annotation styles. These rigid annotation styles are useful, but it would be convenient to also have flexible Current annotation style which changes every time the user overrides defaults. In other words, the Current annotation style would follow standard sticky rules.