Decreased Performance Rhino 7 for Mac

Since my Rhino updated to 7.10.21256, I’ve noticed a severe reduction in performance. I initially thought it was due to the size of my files (I have one that is up to 5GB), but it’s now crashing over small files, especially when exports to other file formats are required.
I’m not suggesting that I haven’t missed something, but I’m running a 1 year old iMac with 72GB ram, and 8 cores; I honestly can’t think what else the problem might be. Rhino is now hanging and crashing on every session.


Hi Nick -
There’s an issue with short lags due to some texture baking in Rhino 10 but it sounds like you are experiencing something else.

Please also install 7.9 and see if the problem goes away. On Mac, you can have different versions installed side-by-side…

The 7.9 installer can be found from this post:

Let us know if that helps.

Thanks for this; re-installing the earlier version is allowing me to work again!
However the thread that you’ve linked seems to be an issue that I know nothing about, as I hardly do any texturing.
I’ve also had some issues with Arctic Display mode…I’m wondering if there is a larger set of issues to do with rendering etc in this release.

Thanks again,