Rhino 7 - Macbook Pro Big Sur

I have a 2015 Macbook pro with a 2.2 Gz quad-core intel i7 processor. 16gb memory. I have downloaded Rhino 7 and sometimes it will run smoothly but right now I am drawing simple surfaces and after a few surfaces it crashes unexpectedly. Is there something I can do to improve the functioning of this program on my mac?

please run the systeminfo command and post the result-

Hey there,

Sorry for the delay. I’m still having problems with my Rhino 7 crashing on my 2015 Mac Pro. I just ran my system info command and I attached the results to this email. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to prevent Rhino from crashing on me. Thank you for your help.


System Info.txt (5.43 KB)

make sure you have the latest version of big sur, 11.6 is the latest you have 11.5.2.

then try resetting your plist.

Your machine has intel graphics which is well documented to be not ideal for rhino 7. Having the latest OS will get you the latest drivers for it and should help. I have the same machine here but with the nvidia card and it runs well. (slow but well) the graphics card makes all teh difference in Rhino7. When you decide to upgrade your machine, make sure and get one with a standalone graphics card.

that said:

is it crashing with any predictability, or is it random?

does it crash on any specific file, or random?

has it generated any crash dumps, and are you sending them in?

Downloading the update got rid of the crashing problem! Do you think you’ll get a new machine or stick with this one? If so why? I’ve contemplated converting to PC.
Anyways, thank you for your help and I appreciate you taking the time!


I’m getting an M1 mac shortly from mcneel, but don’t expect miracles for rhino until we get Apple’s metal fully integrated into rhino. That will be where everything starts to fly on the mac M1 hardware.

But… IMO designer to designer (taking my mcneel hat off) … the best Rhino experience is on a PC as the hardware, and plugin eco system is much more developed. If I’m spending my own money, I’m buying a PC.

i agree :heart:

thank you for your honesty Kyle I appreciate that! I’ll learn to work with it for now but will keep your advice in mind for the future! Hope you have a good Monday tomorrow!


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