Decals don't work

Using (7.6.21124.9001, 2021-05-04)

Decals don’t work in Render mode or in any other mode other than Raytraced. A regression with the following SR?

Also, there seems to be no Decal properties so one can modify settings after the decal was placed. Or is there any?

Aslo, the X-axis of the DecalWidget cannot be selected with the mouse if the drag-rectangle is “outside” of the Widget’s rectangle area.

Fig 1. Not sticky.

But if cunningly attacking the drag-rectangle from the more treacherous angle (the “inside” the widget rectangle area) then I can grab hold of the red little shunning rectangle, like so:

Fig 2. Gotcha! (from “inside” the widget rectangle)

For the other two axes It works to grab the handles from any angle.

*Other than that, its not ideal to work in Raytraced mode, especially since Rhino crashes and goes away when doing so. Just “poff” and it’s gone.

// Rolf

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@RIL we’re not seeing what you’re seeing. I’ll DM you today’s release candidate.

OK, so there was an “expert setting” causing this (I don’t know how that got flipped form false to true, but anyway, lets keep the property name secret so no one else is tempted to cause themself harm…:wink: )

Thanks to McNeel who spotted the problem over remote control. Super good super fast support! :1st_place_medal:

// Rolf

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