Decal wishes V7 or V8


A few decal wishes. I just started using this and it’s quite nice.

After one does a move or scale to the decal widget the widget deselects and one has to select for each move.

Request that decal widget stays selected like other objects.

Request/wish that decals could be made of regular pbr materials so they can have displacement, normal, reflectivity and emission options and not just transparency. This would be killer for adding details.

Perhaps I missed a setting but would be nice to if the decals move with the object better.

Sometimes if a decaled model/object gets moved the decal stays at its old location on the object and becomes distorted would be nice if the decal moved with the object and stayed at its location.

I really like using these to add details on terrains and for weathered worn areas.

Enscape has great decals from the Quixel bridge that function like pbr and I haven’t tried them yet but Vray has new decal stuff too. Decals are very useful thanks for having these in Rhino even at their current state.


Hi RM - decals should always transform with the object - can you post an example where it does not? Also, the decal widget stays selected between moves here - are you using the default Rhino renderer?


I am unable to reproduce these with Rhino 7SRC13

On material control note decals are getting some attention in Rhino 8 where it is possible this will happen.

Hi @pascal
Using cylces here

Hi @nathanletwory,
Ok I see where the bug is, youre right it works but…
If I create a revolved object with history on and then move the curve and not the object the object moves with the curve as it should since history is enabled but the decals stay in the old position. If I move the object the decals move correctly but history is broken, I need this work with history enabled if possible.

Hi @pascal
For me when I show the widget and move it, it deselects the first time I move the decal and I have to reselect to move a second time, but then when I move it the second time the widget stays selected.
Using Rhino 7 SR12 2021-11-9

Hi @nathanletwory

Ok very nice, looking forward to what you cook up for V8.