Debossing a pattern - and DXF file export

Hello Forum.
This is an on-going puzzle for me…
I’m trying to create a debossed pattern on the 7-sided polygon shape.
I have used a ‘Pipe’ commend, but when used in a ‘Regional Difference’ command it doesn’t work.
Maybe a ‘Loft’ would be a better command(?). (16.0 KB)
Also, I want to send this off to be laser cut (outline and holes) and engraved (the geometric pattern). I’ll need a baked DXF file of the pattern and outlines only.
Any solutions would be greatly appreciated…

BTW, I’ve managed to bake the pattern…but trying to have it in a different layer the outlines and holes

What does “debossed” mean?

OK, so you have a pattern of lines in GH that you can get a successful pipe from? You might have problems using this pipe to subtract from a solid because the pipe might not be perfect at all the corners… You need a perfect mesh with no gaps, overlapping faces etc etc. If you are subtracting from a mesh then the pipe needs to be a mesh. You might have to use a tool like Dendro to create a solid from your lines.

If you can bake the pattern of lines then you can bake it to any layer you like. Bake what you want to whichever layer you want then switch off the other layers, select everything and go FILE>>EXPORT and export as a DXF.

Watch out for the DXF settings… some laser cutters, CNC machines and waterjet cutters do not like the newer DXF formats. Select R12 Natural… that seems to be reliable.

…convex, etched, cut-out, tench, the material is removed,

Thanks @martynjhogg
I agree with the issue with the ‘non-perfect pipe’.
I’ll look into Dendro now - this is new to me.

I’m pleased to say, I’ve found a solution to bake the pattern and outlines.

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Another clumsy way is to have a very fine mesh plane and lower the mesh vertices that are within Xmm of the pattern curve.

For your laser process you only need the dxf though right?

Yes, just a DXF.
I’m not quite sure what you mean with the, ‘fine mesh plane and lower the mesh vertices that are within Xmm of the pattern curve’ solution.
I’ve managed to sort out the output - baking and creating the DXF by saving in Rhino.