Export flat surfaces as dxfs


I am trying to export the flat surfaces as DXF’s so I can lasercut a prototype.

I can’t figure out how to either rotate and project them onto the XY plane or how to select each surface as export as DXF. I need each panel to be a seperate DXF.

ANy advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

SHELTER_10DEG.gh (33.3 KB)

you can quickly do this in rhino if you bake, then use the orient3pt command. You could then export curves to dxf.

The grasshopper way involves making sure you have the correct Normal for the Panel Cut face (is it getting cut face up or face down on the Laser?)

Then using that plane to orient to points on the plane – using the grasshopper orient3pt.

To export to dxf from grasshopper there are plugins or you need to write a script (i typically use Elefronts component)

Another similar way attached.
This uses Planar component to get the plane of each panel and orients the edge curves of the panels from its plane to a series of planes on the XY plane.
This does not nest them into an efficient use of material though.
Neither does it identify each panel and it’s edges which might help with assembly / manufacture! Identifying the panels is easy but identifying the edges so they match up when assembled could be trickier.SHELTER_10DEG_ORIENTED.gh (37.2 KB)