Stamp/cut pattern

Hello everybody,

I want to stamp out my pattern with the created green extrusion. The Pattern is a mesh though. So what I want is a kind of boolean operation that deletes/cuts everything that’s not inside the extrusion shape. Does anyone have an Idea how to do that. I really have problems with that mesh component.
Thank you in advance (6.0 MB)

Boolean the voronoi cells directly from the voronoi component, then do all the weaverbird mesh stuff to the booleaned cells.

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I actually modified the cells after I baked them. So I do have a mesh component now. Is there still a way to cut these?

With rhino? Not easily. Plus you will be cutting their thickness.

Did you try with mesh difference? (6.0 MB)

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That’s exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much!

So you do want to cut their thickness?