Deboss text in surface

Hello all,

I’m trying to have a text debossed in a surface.
After splitting the surface with the text curves, i did a negative extrude, leaving me still with the surface in place.
After deleting that text surface i was hoping to find another surface at the end of the extrude, but it was all open.
Lofting the end of the extrusion doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

I’m sure there is a good way of dealing with this, I only need to know how. :wink:

Many thanks in advance, Robert Glotzbach.

Ok maybe I found something already the magig word here was deboss.

You may often find that fonts aren’t always constructed cleanly, if you run into errors have a look in more detail.

Could you extrude the text and use the _BooleanDifference command?


Did you extrude with the solid=yes option? This will cap the ends of the extrusion. Then use Solid - Boolean Two Objects. At least that’s how it works in V6 WIP.
@stevebaer, @dale I haven’t figured out yet how to do it with more than two objects at the same time.

The alternative method (assume you have a solid (eg “box”) that you want to cut letters into) would be to “extrude both sides” all the letters out the top of the box and below your desired bottom of the letter cut. No need for solid=yes. Then trim the part of the letters above the box using the top of the box as the trimming object. After that trim the undesired parts of the box surface within each letter using the letter extrusions as trimming objects. You should be able to box select all the letters at once and accomplish the trim of the letters in one operation. For the second trim you can select all the letters as the cutting object, but the box surface parts will need to be manually selected one at a time for trimming (as far as I know).

At some point in the process, put in a plane at the desired location for the bottom of the letters. Use it to trim the bottom end of the letter extrusions, then use the letter sides to trim the parts of the bottom plane that are outside the letters (similar, but complementary process to deleting the insides at the top surface). This would involve one trim to get rid of everything outside all the letters, the going on to get rid of the parts within all the holes in the letters.

If the original letters were good curves to begin with, this should all go smoothly, though the various selections will require paying attention. After all is done, you should have lots of surfaces and polysurfaces that you can then join into one polysurface if you wish.

Depending on the particular font you’ve chosen, filleting or chamfering could be a walk in the park or an impossible task - or so I gather from other posts over the years.

Many thanks gentlemen.

I found an earlyer thread with some usefull info: Placing a logo onto a surface
I will go over that and add the information that you gave me here, much appreciated.
I indeed missed the ‘‘solid option’’ that would solve a lot already :wink:
Yes filleting is going to be some work i guess, anyway slowly i’m getting a little bit ‘‘the hang’’ of Rhino.

Kind regards, Robert Glotzbach