Trim 3D text on a surface

First time posting here,

Eventually I will 3D print this but I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to trim the 3D text on the surface shown in the image below. I want a cavity where the yellow arrows are. I actually did print this already but I didn’t have the text centered exactly. Trouble is I drew this about 8 years ago and forgot the process. Any help from those in the know would be appreciated. Also, can the perimeters on the letters be smoothed out better?



So you do have the original object with the text as cavities, yet not in the correct position?

Option 1:
Pressing both CTRL and SHIFT key drag a window around the text geometry.(not sure if this works in V4)
This wil make a sub-selection of the text geometry and you can now move it in place on the surface while maintaining the solid integrity.

Option 2:
Extract the upper surfaces.(Also the enclosed surfaces like in the Da Boe)
Leaving the outershape and text as separate objects:

Position the text as you like and run the command _PlanarSrf.
Select all naked edges on the geometry and hit enter:

Option 3:
As above extract the top surfaces and run _Cap on the base shape.
The base will be closed into a solid.
Select the text geometry and move it where you like.
Run command _BooleanDifference to subtract the text from the case
It’s crucial that from the text, all uppersurfaces are extracted/deleted as well.

As for smoothing the text perimeters, you can run FilletEdge to create fillets on the edges, yet it’s sometimes a hit and miss as to what radius will work.

Please report back if you have any further questions.

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Thanks very much for the nice detailed answer but I can’t seem to get it to work. I"ll see if I can upload a part of the model and maybe you can see the problem. I feel sort of stupid considering how long I’ve used this program. Might as well not drag it out to expose even more of myself. TopDaBones.3dm (428.3 KB)

Well it worked immediately for me using Willem’s last option. the only problem is that the centres of the letters are separate, so you will have to either make the letters less deep or the base deeper.

TopDaBones_nds.3dm (473.0 KB)

Thanks Nick. I should havef mentioned that I’m using v4 SR9 (not that it matters for accomplishing this). I will give it another shot.


I drew the original model in v3 of Rhino (not that it matters), then trying to modify it in v4. I probably should of just started over instead of wasting everyone’s time. Anyway, is there a way to put faces on the bottom of the 3D text as drawn?

BTW, thanks Willem and Nick for the help, it’s fixed and I did decrease the height of the 3D text which made it work perfectly.


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No worries. Glad you got it working!