Newbie question-how to un-emboss letters?

I’ve acquired an already made 3d file for 3d printing, but the file comes with text embossed like a logo on a otherweise flat surface area. I understand that embossing logos are typically done by extruding the text onto the surface area, but is there a way to reverse the process and make that spot(where the embossed letters were flat) again? I know this is probably a noob question but I am not familiar with working with 3d models and I can’t seem to figure it on my own:(

You can try the command DeleteHole and then click on the edge of one of the debossed letters - that should remove it.

The exception will be if you have a letter crossing a surface seam, DeleteHole will not work in that case. If you end up with one of those, you can try ExtractSrf on all the parts of the letter you want to remove (bottom and sides) and delete the extracted surfaces. If the remaining hole is truly flat (planar), Cap will fill the hole. That should be enough for a 3D printed part, you can also try running MergeAllFaces to try and clean up any coplanar seams.

HTH, --Mitch

Does the file contain a polysurfaces or a mesh? If it is polysurfaces then Mitch’s approach with one change I’d suggest…

Once you have the surface with holes, try using Untrim to close the holes. One caution; if the edge of the hole intersects another trimmed edge, Untrim will untrim both edges.

If the file contains a mesh then a different approach will be needed.

This is what my imported file looks like:

@davidcockey @Helvetosaur I am pretty sure that the file is a mesh:( It reads ‘closed mesh’ on the properties window, and I was not able to select edges when I tried to use the commands under the Solid tab.

Should I try converting this mesh into a solid first?