Mesh difference not working

I am trying to apply mesh difference, well to deboss a text into a object, and thought that’s the way to go, since the other methods weren’t working, but this one also isn’t.
Does someone know how to deboss the text, I’ve applied UV curves, but only gotten so far.

сребърно.3dm (7.7 MB)

Hello- as far as I can see this works - but you have multiple objects, the letter shapes, piled on top of one another - I would sort this out and then do the Booelan operation.


Mesh boolean in wip v8 works great once you sort out the piles of overlapping parts (as pascal mentioned)

сребърно_kfix.3dm (1.5 MB)

I don’t quite understand what you mean with overlapping parts.
I made a solid text object and extruded it once I applied the UV curve - do you mean it should have been a surface at first?

don’t quite get how to sort out the overlapping parts - I also aimed to deboss the text through the whole surface.
Thanks for your help,

pick thru them, you will see the object selector come up, hide, delete or layer unwanted objects and then get cleaned up to one set of letters with no overlapping objects then position or scale them as necessary and use the mesh boolean subtract to get your emboss.