Deactivate the polygon mesh in the shaded view (with picture)

Where can I deactivate the polygon mesh in the shades view in order to work better with the stone?


P.S. Sorry, I didn’t upload the picture correctly at the first topic.

Either use the Rendered view (I’d say that’s the easy option) or go to Tools->Options.
Then uncheck “Show mesh wires” like so:

In options>view>display modes, in the “shaded” mode on the first page, uncheck “show mesh wires”. This can also be done via the display panel.


Are you shure this is a Mesh? it looks like the result from MeshToNurbs command.


Hi Clement,

That’s what I also thought and wrote down in a parallel thread:

Hi Roland,

Have you already tried ‘pen’ display or ‘artistic’ display?

Your object appears to be a Nurbs object that was derived from a Mesh.
If that is the case, the _MergeAllFaces command might clean up you object as it merges all planar parts into one planar face.

Yeah, looking closer, I’m sure you’re right…

In this case I’m not sure how many really many coplanar facets it has… MergeAllFaces with this kind of object might take a long time or even hang Rhino… If it was MeshToNurb’ed form a mesh, it looks like a pretty bad mesh to begin with (assuming it represents a precious stone)…


mergeallfaces is the most useful barely working command in rhino 5… beware this make take a few minutes to complete.

Thank you all for your inputs!
It really is a MeshToNurbs object (I received an stl-file from the scan of the stone. In order to build a bezel setting around th stone I converted the mesh to a nurbs object).

So the “pen” or “artistic” display didn’t change much. And with the MergeAllFaces command - I guess there are to many data - Rhino didn’t come to an end.

If I uncheck “show isocurves” in the shaded view some lines disappear but there are still lots of…

Is there maybe a better way to get started with my stl-file?


It really all depends on what you want to do.
If you want to work on this object (good luck), I guess you will want the edges to show. But it looks like a mess and it might be easier to model from scratch.

If you only want to display the object, you might be better off using a display mode that does not render the edges…

Why do you need this part as a Nurbs?
And can you use reduce mesh prior to nurbsifying it?
And if you post the STL here, then I am sure somebody will help you find a sollution.


Hi Aaron,

Your reality is quite different then.
Over here I use _MergeAllFaces quite often for Sketchup models for example that have to edited as NURBS object. I am quite happy with it and see big eyes when I show it to even experienced users.
When I expect Rhin to hang on it I use the _ MergeFace command.

what build of rhino are you using? I use solid operations constantly and with complex models Rhino almost always stalls deeply for mergeallfaces. Will you try this on your machine and tell me how it goes, for me it takes about 30 seconds: merge all.7z(580.1 KB)

Hi Holo
You’re right - I don’t necessarily need to change my mesh wires in a nurbs object. I’m used to work with nurbs and - finishing a model - export it as stl-file. So working directly with the stl-file and unchecking the mesh wires solves my problem.

Thank you all for supporting me!

Hehe yes this takes 64 seconds on my laptop. So my reality is even worse :wink:

In the past I have been using _MergeAllFaces on some meshed barge vessel models that I needed to edit as NURBS. As far as I can remember I accepted long calculation times as I was already very happy that it made my job relatively easy opposed to remodel the thing.
But anyway, apparently there’s some speeding up work to do on this command as the response is quite negative.

I don’t mind if it takes awhile as long as I know it’s not dead in the water. What I do mind is it tearing perfectly good, closed solids apart and leaving open edges etc… I simply don’t trust the command anymore.


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I totally agree Mitch!

I also get this issue where solids are made open by this command, man that’s a drag.

@rajaa, can you take a look at this thread, and comment if you can?



I think you have a lot of examples from me already, but yesterday I was doing another round of editing on one of the types of jobs where I use this a lot and there were dozens more… Let me know if you need them, I’ll send you a file full on Monday.


You should see improvements on MergeAllFaces in SR6 when it is released.
We’ll be happy to test your files internally in the meanwhile to make sure MergeAllFaces works better. @pascal can help verify this. Thanks.