Stones problem?!

I’m sorry for my ignorace.
I got some stone shapes and some of them I can grab using END/QUAD and thing like that, but others, as shown in the video, I cant even change color or grab them from an end to position them on the( 0,0) .
What can I do?

I dont know if the video is working, so here is a picture


Try Vertex Snap

I do have vertex, but I can’t actually catch the gem where I want, is there any way to change that so I can use END, QUAD etc

If Vertex snaps work, then the object is a mesh. End, Mid etc. osnaps will not work on those objects, only Vertex. You could convert the meshes to NURBS with the MeshToNurb command (as there are not too many facets), then the osnaps like End, Mid will work.

Also, as you say

they may be blocks in that case - look in Properties. If they are blocks, use ExplodeBlock to change them back to meshes or polysurfaces…


Thx I’ll try it out now

Yess, thank you it works!