Meshtonurb command how do i make it a mesh again

Hello, I could really use some help please. I am very new to rhino so sorry if this is a simple question but i couldn’t find any answers online. I used the meshtonurb command on something but the nurb doesn’t have the same shading as the mesh that i need for the project. i tried to make it a mesh again with the mesh command (thinking it would solve the problem) but it wouldn’t mesh so i was wondering if there was a way to either mesh it and hopefully that fixes it or another way to please fix my problem. Thank you

If you have not closed Rhino since using MeshToNURB you may be able to recover the mesh using Undo multiple times to back up, or UndoSelected and select the object to undo.

If Undo does not work try ExtractRenderMesh
If the extracted mesh is too fine you will need to .adjust the render mesh settings. There are two ways to do this. The simplest is too make a global change.
Options > Mesh Move the slide all the way to the left. If that is not sufficient you will need to use the Detailed controls.

After you recover the mesh you will want to reset the mesh settings.

Try Mesh command and adjust the settings.

Hi thank you for replying. I can physically undo it but that’s not something i want to do because i needed the meshtonurb command in order to edit my individual polygons. As for the mesh command itself the problem is that if i try it, it doesn’t create one object and so doesn’t really work. Are there any other suggestions you may have?

I am confused about what you want to do.

Can you post a .3dm file with your geometry?

what is a 3dm file please? i can’t give you the rhino file because it’s an assignment but i can take a screenshot