How do you remove lines on flat surfaces?

Hi Guys
I’m new to Rhino and I created a cube and placed a curve on top. I split the cube and deleted the top section but there is lines all over the face of the cube now. How do you remove them?

Merge All Faces command if it is polysurface not mesh

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dupborder - planarsrf

Try in the display tab at right (if activated) turn off isocurves. —Mark


Hello - if that is a polygon mesh object use AddNGonsToMesh in V6.



Superselect ten çiizgileri seçin silin olmuyor mu eğer kendi isocurve çizgileri ise silinmez başka bir yöntem ile tekrar çizin

for some reason it says can’t merge all faces

You should post the 3dm file so that we don’t have to guess what is in your file.

Inital Design.3dm (88.9 KB)

That object is a mesh. As Pascal wrote, in Rhino 6 you can use the AddNGonsToMesh command.
Your file is in the Rhino 5 format, though.

Since this is a simple object, and if you don’t need that object to be a mesh, you can use the MeshToNURB command to turn it into a polysurface and then use the MergeAllFaces command to simplify this object.

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I have a bigger problem. I’m using a similar workflow to import some meshes into Rhino and convert the mesh geometry to NURBS using the MeshToNURB command and after that I need to merge all faces to have a much cleaner geometry but for some objects I do get strange results.

Please see the attached file:

MeshToNURB_MergeAllFaces.3dm (679.1 KB)

hi Macuso, the initial mesh is very bad, you have inside multiple duplicate surfaces which are not even needed. just explode and hide the upper surface you´ll see immediately the problem. you have to clean that up well.

merged.3dm (2.8 MB)

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I see that but am not sure that is not to be expected. The mesh has faces that shouldn’t be there and I am surprised that the result is as good as it is. You can use the SelBadObjects command to confirm that the new object is bad. Then use ExtractBadSrf on this object to extract 2 bad surfaces. Once those are deleted, the object will appear to be fine. There are still faces that share “too many” edges and when you run SelNonManifold, you will see that the object is selected.

Basically, this object needs some cleaning-up - either the mesh or later, the polysurface.

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