Deleted Layer persists in Wall Style's List until Wallstyles run again

Deleted Wall Layer doesn’t disappear from Wall Style’s Layer List when deleted.
(selected layers don’t highlight properly either - highliting persists even when layers and wall types are deselected. This part may be a video driver issue. Perhaps the presistently displayed deleted layer is also.)
Windows 11 Current Rhino7

Hi @djhg,

A layer that is used by a VisualARQ style cannot be deleted. How are you deleting it?


This is a Wall Layer in VaWallStyles. RMB on layer name > Delete does it, but the interface isn’t removing the now-undefined layer name from the list.

Hi @djhg,

First, apparently Rhino is allowing the user to delete a layer that’s in use by VisualARQ. I’ll try to fix this issue.

Then, I see your point. If you delete a layer, even if it’s not used, it still appears in the layer dropdown list. This will be fixed in the next VisualARQ update.

I don’t understand this problem. Can you show me a screenshot?



I have updated both my onboard and accessory GPUs. No improvement. Same issue with all Style editors I’ve tried. (Luckily I’ve discovered that this problem only happens on my peripheral monitor - regardless of whether it or the laptop is set as the main monitor. On my laptop’s monitor there appears to be no problem.) The initial problem is that the interface display on the right panel doesn’t keep up with each panel selection in the left panel. Sometimes dragging the window off the screen will reset it, but more often than not that just further corrupts the right panel display further. Same with choosing different tabs on the right panel. With further use it’s not possible to be clear on whether the right panel displays is what the left panel shows to be selected. Soon the left panel becomes unrefreshed and corrupted also. Even starting that first element is tricky because the list of wall styles persists on the right panel until its refreshed by choosing a tab. Launching the editor on my large monitor isn’t feasible anymore except for launching the editor to edit each element in a wall style.
WIndows 11, RTX A5000 video card

Hi @djhg we haven’t been able to reproduce this error so far. Which screen resolution do you have on the monitor where you are experiencing this display error?

2560 x1440 (on a 27" monitor). The display is extended from a (17") 8k laptop monitor. Windows 11. Nvidia rtx A5000 w max Vram, 64gb system ram

This may be relevant: I’m extending the display across the 2560 x 1440 monitor (scale set at 100%) and the laptop’s 17" 8k monitor (scaled to 250% - which Windows 11 tells me is recommended. Everything’s otherwise tiny on that small-but-hi-res monitor.) Text scaling for both displays is set at 131%.