Cylinder Mapping

So I am trying to create a cylinder mapping for multiple cylinders all at once. What expected to happen didn’t. I thought I could select all the cylinders and when I select “Bounding Box” for the base it was use the bounding box for each element as it’s base, but instead it create a bounding box of all the selected items. I tried to do one and mapping a mapping to all the others, but ran into a similar issue where the texture origin was the same a first one. Is there a way to apply a cylinder map to multiple elements at once and have the texture applied with respect to each element.

With blocks I suppose it would work, but it doesn’t look like you have a bunch of identical cylinders…though with cylinder mapping on cylinders, do you actually need “cylinder” mapping, would the basic surface UV mapping not work?

They aren’t identical, which is why I expect the bounding box option to create a bounding box for each individual element not everything I had selected. I guess what I would like to do find a easy way to apply the same texture, tiling, scale to multiple elements at once. The “match mapping” does most of that, but it also set’s the xyz the same for all the elements which throws off the mapping.

Does this macro help… a little?

_ApplyCylindricalMapping BoundingBox W Y

Make a new button and add the text to the left click option. I think this will do what you want but would require you to select each cylinder separately. I will also file a feature request for ‘per object’ bounding box mapping for group selections. Thanks for the suggestion.

A “match each object of multiple selection” function could be great, I hope Andy is reading here.

Thanks Micha, this has been filed and assigned to Andy as RH-19677
(This is not publicly visible yet… but that’s planned)