Rhino 7 - mapping widget issue


I created one box and copied to an array of 10x10. I select them all, changed the mapping type to “box” and enabled to show the widget.

If I press the button to match the object , the widget doesn’t follow the objects.

At this place a wish: please, could be added a button for align every widget to the right object only if multi objects are selected? Maybe a little flag option like “align to single object”. At the moment it’s only possible to align the widgets to the whole selected group and it’s a lot of work to align every mapping to the single object.

Mapping.3dm (275.4 KB)

When you match mapping to that of a source object then both the target and the source object will show the mapping widget in exactly the same place. This is because the target widget now gets the same mapping as the source.

From what I can tell this works as expected? Or am I missing something?

Here a screenshot from Rhino 6 which shows the expected result after pressing the “match objects” button. The widget is aligned to the objects.

( … and my additional wish is way to align all widgets to each single object. )

Right, I was misunderstanding. I thought you meant you were matching mapping (which I also said). I actually don’t know how to use the settings below the Texture Space drop down - it is way too confusing.

@Jussi_Aaltonen is this dialog something you’ve worked with?

I’m not sure we talk about the same and so I added an arrow which button I mean. This buttons function looks wrong at R7. (Screenshot from R6)

Thanks for the report @Micha
RH-61430 Texture mapping: XYZ fit button bug

What do you think about a function that each object is fit? For example I need it often and it’s a lot of work.

Sounds to me like it’s worth adding then :slight_smile:
I logged it as a new feature: RH-61516 Fit texture mapping size individually for multiple selected objects

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