Map One Material Across Multiple Objects


I’m looking to see if anyone knows of a way to map one single material across multiple objects. I am showing a model with many horizontal bands that I want to read as one large thing, while keeping the individual objects as opposed to one large single surface. I can select the “screen” option under ‘mapping’ but that is just for on-screen. When I move the model around the image stays still. When I use traditional mapping, it applies the same material across the 100+ objects and it looks repetitive and distorted. I have a feeling that there’s no easy answer for this, but wanted to see if anyone knew of some Rhino 7 magic.

Thanks in advance.

You would use box, cylindrical, planar, etc mapping with all objects set to the same parameters, with the mapping object (if necessary) wrapping around everything.

Hi @MWDC ,
I agree with Jim, select all the objects and in the Properties panel > Texture Mapping settings, apply a Cylindrical mapping method to them in unison. This will be mapping channel 1 for each object after that and they can all have the same material applied. If you want to further tweak the result, you can make additional texture mapping properties adjustments for the repeat of each object so there is some variation.

This video may be of interest too…

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Thank you so much, cylindrical mapping worked!

Thank you so much Brian, cylindrical mapping worked! I saw your video last night before I made this post and was thinking, man it would be great to ask this guy this question, and here you are. Amazing.