Cycling through options from "Choose Object" popover doesn´t work

When trying to select an object from many objects under the cursor, the “Choose Object” popover shows up.

Previously it was possible to cycle through a shown list (from top to bottom and then beginning from top again) by left-clicking, and selecting the active marked element by right-clicking.

This doesn´t work now on 5A772W (OS X 10.10.2).
Only the first element ist selectable.
No clicks work.

Selecting by cursor is possible.
Hitting RETURN does select the first element.

Yes, this is the way it works in Windows Rhino. --Mitch

I don’t think this has ever worked right or consistently right on Rhino for Mac. I know we had some crash bugs recently where the right click in this context was being mishandled in some commands and now it simply cancels the menu. @Tim - I can’t remember where we left it - was this right-click-for-enter stuff we looked at in the ExtractMeshFaces etc sort of the ‘way it is’ for the foreseeable future in Rhino for Mac?


I´m sure, It worked indeed on many Mac WIP versions, I got to know the omission of this functionality just in the last 2 versions.

I think it doesn´t have to be linked to the right-click-problem.

Previously, it worked on both clicks.
Now it works on none of them, neither left nor right.

Hi Pascal,

As far as I know nothing on this has changed recently. See for details about the
crash bug you mentioned (it was a hang because of an infinite loop as I
recall). The crash was actually in the command, but the selection
weirdness that led to the crash is deeper down in Mac Rhino somewhere.


@marlin, @dan

Any chance to get this fixed - soon :slightly_smiling: It’s still not working like in the same (intuitive) way as in WinRhino (scrolling by left clicking - or using the scroll wheel - and accepting with a right click).

I would also like the pop-up to be ‘expandable’ - I’d like to put, for instance, the object layer in there. Again, like in WinRhino…



In general, Rhino for Mac is not going to have the same behavior as Rhino for Windows for the “Choose Object” dialog, as far as clicking outside the dialog itself or using the scroll wheel outside the dialog, which is what you are requesting.

On MSWindows, scroll wheel events are sent to the active window, even if the mouse cursor is over a different window. On OS X, scroll wheel events are sent to the window underneath the mouse cursor, even if that window belongs to another (inactive) application. You can try this out with the OS X Finder and MSWindows Explorer to see the difference in behavior.

I implemented some hacks a few years ago to make most of this dialog work on OS X, but OS changes since then have made the hacks ineffective. The “Choose Object” dialog hack tries to capture scroll wheel events and mouse click events when it is active, but that no longer works.

I added MR-2593 for the request for additional columns in the dialog.

Ok, I see… Any chance of making new, updated ‘hacks’ that would work in El Capitan? :slightly_smiling:
Thanks anyway Marlin!


Bumping this conversation…

I’m having the same problem. I recently switched from using Rhino on Windows to MacOS. This select object issue is small, but truly cumbersome and messes with workflow alot. Any resolution on this?

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There is no update on this, no. I don’t think we know of a way to get the Choose Object popover to capture scroll events when the cursor is not over the popover, which seems to be what you are interested in, if I’m not mistaken. Though I don’t think we have a hack that will work, I will record the workflow complaint (RH-39342) in case we come up with a hack, mostly for tracking purposes. I wish we could make this work.

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any news here?

No news, sorry!