Choose Objects window disappearing

The little window that pops up when you are trying to select one object that overlaps a bunch of other objects - it disappears now too quickly for me to make a selection.


Does that always happen or just once in a while? I had that happening to me yesterday (rhino for Windows ) but nothing I could reproduce.

Yeah it’s not happening right now. About an hour ago it was happening - I relaunched Rhino and it seems to work correctly now.


When it happened to me I blamed it on user error but I suppose we could have it on our radars now.

this happens quite regularly for me on Mac Rhino. Seems to happen quicker on files with more geometry. Only solution seem to be to quit and relaunch. Surely a bug though. Anyone from Mcneel know if this is in hand?

I have not experienced this…do please let us know if you can find reliable steps or a model where you can reproduce this behavior.

Dan, I see this occasionally on my Rhino for Windows running on bootcamped Windows. I do not think I ever see it on my PC hardware. Just to muddy the waters.


This sounds like the same problem as you reported in this thread. Or do you think they are two separate issues?

Same problem reported here (with video!):smile:

Bug?: Selection Failure (Fixed by Quitting/Reopening)

Dan, quite right. Apologies for the delay in responding. I’ll try to be better at helping in the future!

yep, that’s exactly the problem