"Choose Objects" workflow stopper on Rhino for Mac (v5)

Hi there Rhino users and developers,

Even though I am new to this forum and this is my first post, I have been a rhino user for quite some time now as an industrial designer. It is still one of the best options for NURBS based surfaces out there.

Yet, I recently made the switch from Windows (R6) to Mac (R5 - soon to be R6). One big issue I am having is concerning the “choose objects” menu. On Windows, if you are within a command and enter the “choose objects” menu by clicking on stacked curves or surfaces a right click will always select the first item in the list.
Sadly, I haven’t found the same functionality in Rhino for Mac. Worst case is that I get thrown out of the command and Rhino repeats the last command. I know that I could hit the space bar or enter to get the same functionality. I was just wondering if there is a way to restore the way it was on Windows which is much quicker and more user friendly.

Thanks for reading and for your help.