Cycles Render Testing

I’m playing with Rhino 7 Cycles render, using existing materials and environment.


This looks really good…how do you get the gems you need in Rhino? I have the gems in 3dm but to get all the colors is an issue for me. Like where do you apply the diamond decal or pic,?

@t.shinya- These are gorgeous! What parameters did you use? Like, environment and materials? Show me your ways!

@bcvallot -
I’m still learning and haven’t used many features yet, but here is my sample scene and setup.

Cycles sample.3dm (4.6 MB)


To be honest, I’m not sure. :slight_smile:
Rendering a diamond is a tough one.
For this rendering, I just used the sapphire material under gem.

you could play with the index of refraction in a glass material. Typical glass is around 1.5 and diamonds are around 2.4.


So beautiful ~ :heart_eyes:
Thank’s shinya

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Russ, as long as the 3dm files you have are mathematically modeled after the proper cuts of the gemstones, using the default gem material with raytracing will product a fantastic result.

Here is a link to a render i did a few days ago


Thanks a bunch…just trying to get the best way. Recently watched a video on this using Rhino 7

Beautiful result.