Diamond Rendering in Rhino 7

Hi All!

I am trying to render diamonds in Rhino 7. I built the geometry of the stone in Rhino.
But when I apply the “gem” material and try to render, I’m not getting any kind of light refraction
or the program picking up the facets of the stone. I’m rendering on a sold color, white background…
using the “Gem Studio” environment for the reflections and the lighting.

Please let me know what to do.

post a file?

does this help?

Hi Kyle!

Unfortunately no. I’ve watched that video several times. It does not help the look of my diamond.

I did this rendering using the same settings and techniques… I just used a white backdrop instead of a black backdrop.

post your file? I feel like it’s over lit at the moment (may be the white background) and the environment is not doing it’s thing because of that.

may want to try a black background with an actual piece of geometry that makes up the ground plane instead of using the ground plane feature.

try to set up your scene the same way you would if you are setting it up to photograph for real.

Render Test.3dm (9.3 MB)
Here’s my file.
I did try it with geometry as a backdrop… I simply used white instead of black.
Hoping you can point me in the right direction!

I had a look and made some changes:

  1. The diamond was in two pieces, and could not easily be joined, so I replaced it with another diamond mesh. For some renderers this is important, for correct computation of refraction.
  2. To avoid having the diamond volume violated by the gold bezel, I used copy in place on the diamond, slightly enlarged the copy, and then used the enlarged copy to boolean difference the bezel:

Then I made a few different quick setups and saved them as snapshots:


For this white background version, I try to keep the backdrop as narrow as possible, so that we can keep some contrast in the reflections of the environment:

Note that if you move the camera, things will quickly get out of focus, since I enabled focal blur in Object Properties for the new (named) views.


To show the difference made by swapping the diamond and doing the boolean difference, here is the original setup, but with those changes (I apparently also made the gold a bit less matte, to make it pop a bit):

Hope it helps.

Render Test 2.3dm (9.4 MB)

Thank you so much for the help and the thorough explanation!

So appreciated. If I have any more questions, I’ll reach out.
But I think I should be good!