Cycles Render Testing

Clearcoat runs from 0 to 1. If you have opacity set to 0 then I think clearcoat won’t be obvious at all. Let me check the PBR code to see if it is actually used in that case.

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OK makes sense, then maybe it shouldn’t be possible to type in 10 :slight_smile:

Thing is, Rhino needs an option for even more reflection of bright light on transparent materials, so please see if anything can be done. If you compare Thomas’ Cycles vs Bella renderings you will see what I wish for in the gems highlight.

I think it looks a little brighter in Bella, because of indirect caustics (light bouncing on the inside metal cup the area between the gem and the ring)

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I meant this part if you were referring to me :slight_smile:

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You can do that with Cycles too. For the strength of the outside reflections, instead of using glass, go for the physically based material and increase the “metallic value” under opacity.

Overall, I don’t think it’s so much a cycles problem as a photography problem. With gems it’s required to have a lot of lights in the scene to catch reflections to taste.

Here I added one more lights in the scene the whole thing transformed in Cycles. (Metallic reflection set to 0.15)

Here’s the new file:
Cycles sample.3dm (4.2 MB)


Man, you know your lighting… :smiley:
Thanks for sharing!!!
Love the rectangular “snoot” on the area lights, that’s a great idea!


Just a quick render with @ThomasAn 's scene and a tweak.



In this step, I focused on the jewel to know how is it made, and I saw two rectangular on the top with two arrows. What are those, and why did you create them?

Hi -

Those are rectangular lights. The properties panel will tell you that when you select them.

Oh, how neglect I had!

As I use render and lights seldom I forgot the sign.

Thank you for the reminder :slight_smile:

adding some version of mine, i wish you could control the bump to a finer degree, other than just XS XXS XXXwhatever :smiley: also the height of the bump, and also why do i need an f 120 not to send the blur into outer space?

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